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DJ Requiem 5.0

“The Turning Gear” sets the bar for web design. After a short consultation with Darren and Michael they made me feel as if I’d known them for years. The comfort and professionalism they provide are Just the tip of the iceberg! Their incendiary skills, passion and Creativity have me constantly coming back with new projects for them to Knock out of the park. I highly recommend “The Turning Gear”

Frank Quezada 5.0

Working with Michael and Darren was a great experience! They are both super knowledgeable and professional and I would recommend them to anyone in need of quality development!

Michael Lam 5.0

Need a logo? Boom its done. Need a website? Boom its done. These guys are awesome to work with! They have a fast turnaround and offer great creative solutions. I needed a beautiful design to showcase my work and they built my site and turned the metaphorical keys over to me in a day. You can trust the Turning Gear will do a most excellent job.

Scott Boeing 5.0

Highly experienced and anticipated my needs. Great communication and professionalism. Thanks again!

K Ancrum 5.0

Innovative designers with well-thought-out solutions to every problem building a quality website could throw your way. They have an incredibly quick response time and tailor every project to your absolute satisfaction. Simply, Superb.

Dustin Crawford 5.0

Quick and easy to deal with. Would highly recommend these guys to anyone that wants to make their business look professional.

Peter Scharf 5.0

I've been very happy with what Michael and Darren have produced for me, both the software and the design. Their work has allowed me to launch a tech business that is run entirely through the cloud. I think their pricing is reasonable given the quality, responsiveness, and timeliness they deliver.