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Is It Time For A New Website?

DARREN HAYS 07.03.2018

The internet is the single most important business tool of our lifetime. Over 80% of American consumers shop or conduct business online. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a creative, or anything in between your website should be an engine for creating new clients and business opportunities. Having a professionally developed website is your first chance to build trust with potential clients.

It can be difficult to know when it is the right time to give your business or brands’ digital presence a much needed update. Below I have broken down a few problem areas that may indicate that it is time to give your website a fresh coat of paint.

At least three years old / Competitors sites are better
The information age is in full swing. Trends in technology and design change almost as rapidly as they arrive. When searching for a product or service online the first thing most customers will judge your brand on is the interaction they have with your website. While shopping around many consumers will choose a company with a modern, easy to navigate website over an outdated one.

In this landscape a website that isn’t keeping up with the competition is the first sign that it may be time to start thinking about an upgrade. What was popular last year may be old news today. Pulling ahead of the competition is one of the best business decisions you can make. It is absolutely critical to stay current with design and technology trends to better present your brand as an industry leader, regardless of the products that you sell or the services that you provide.

Not mobile responsive / Not search optimized
The most common entry point to your website starts with a search. Today more than 60% of searches are done using a mobile device. Having a website that adapts to your visitors device is not only necessary for usability, but also boosts your search ranking on Google.

People almost never view search results beyond page one, so showing up on the first page is a must. Optimizing websites to net higher rankings on Google has become an entire industry because of its importance to businesses. Using SEO best practices will drive up search rankings. Higher search rankings means more clicks, more clicks means more visitors, and more visitors means more customers.

Unable to update content yourself
Businesses and brands are never static. They are like living things that are constantly evolving as they are being re-evaluated and refined. Having a static website for something as dynamic as a business can quickly lead to stagnation due to outdated information.

With the accelerated rate of change we are experiencing today, it is not feasible to hire a web developer each time your website requires an update or addition. Websites developed using content management systems, such as WordPress, make updating, making minor additions, and publishing new content effortless!

Not using Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that provides valuable insights into usage patterns of your website. This wildly popular tool allows you to view a detailed analysis of how your website is performing. This allows you took take a close look at the areas of your website that are attracting new visitors and the areas that could use some improvement. Having this data allows you to better understand your customer base allowing you to capitalize on their interests while anticipating their needs.

There is literally no reason that a website on the internet today should not be using Google Analytics. The tool is relatively simple to set up and the wealth of useful information about your business that it provides is invaluable.

Not integrated with social media
No matter your opinion on social media it is impossible to deny the huge impact that it has on society. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn Twitter…. The number of individual platforms is enough to make your head spin. With over 3 billion users worldwide it would be a mistake to overlook this ever-growing resource.

Social media allows you to engage with your customers, generate new leads, promote products and content, and establish your brand as a thought leader of your industry. Integrating social media tools into your website allows you to keep your brand in front of users that have shown an interest in your company, dramatically increasing your chances of turning visitors into customers.

Not aligned with current branding / Lacks a consistent look and feel
The goal of your website should be to present your business as a professional resource in your industry. You want web visitors to trust your brand the moment they interact with your website. While establishing professionalism consistency is key! Having inconsistent marketing materials depicts your business as unorganized and inexperienced. If your branding has been revamped since the development of your website and your site is using outdated branding materials then it is time for an update.

Time for an update?
Since its introduction to the masses, the internet has crept into our daily lives at an ever increasing rate. With each passing year it continues to completely revolutionize the way we conduct business. Having your website redesigned periodically is the best way to be certain that you are getting the most out of your businesses online presence. If your website has one or more of the issues I’ve addressed above then it is more than likely time for an update.

If a website revamp is something that you are considering we’re always happy to help! Please reach out to our web development team to discuss your project. We’ll work together to develop a website for your business you’ll be proud to promote!



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