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NVision Precision Agriculture Software


Precision agriculture has become a hot topic in the tech community over the past decade due to the fact that there are still huge leaps to be made in this otherwise lagging industry. We have seen other industries boom thanks to tech, and now business savvy agricultural entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity to try and improve their industry through innovative agricultural software solutions.

The Nitrogen Problem In Agriculture
With nearly a billion acres of farmland in the U.S. alone, it is easy to understand why it is important to make the best use of agricultural resources, especially nitrogen. Nitrogen is a vitally important chemical element to crops which is provided in the form of fertilizer. Unfortunately, throughout the season, the rain that is so desperately needed by the crops comes with a penalty – it tends to wash away nitrogen. The obvious solution is to just apply more fertilizer, but the question is, how much and where?

NVisionAg Has The Answer
NVisionAg has developed a solution to help landowners selectively re-fertilize their fields based on aerial images of their crops. The process is very simple for its users. The landowners can submit a request to analyze their field using something called a shapefile. In short, a shapefile contains the latitude and longitude information needed to find their field. Then an aerial image of their field is captured by one of NVisionAg’s image suppliers. This aerial image is then analyzed by NVisionAg’s proprietary software. This analysis provides the landowner with and in depth review of their field that identifies how much nitrogen loss has occurred in the field, how to fix it, what it should cost to fix it, and what they can expect to lose if they do not fix it.

Developing The Solution
Developing this product for NVisionAg was a truly exciting opportunity for us here at The Turning Gear. We love solving real world problems through software development, and this project was no exception. Through the years of being a part of this project, we have really immersed ourselves in the agriculture industry. We look forward to being part of moving the industry forward.

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